Dear Zurich Bridge Club members, dear guests,

As president of the ZBC I welcome you dearly to our homepage- an invitation which of course extents further to our Club, where one can have the pleasure of a tournament every Wednesday evening (except summer and Christmas holidays), to which not only our own club-members are welcome to, but of course also players from the FSB Club as well as visitors travelling through Zurich.

Here at the ZBC, the oldest and most traditional bridge club in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, players can enjoy a challenging level of bridge. We are also proud of the clubs venue, located in the heart of the city centre with a beautiful view of Bellevue and the lake of Zurich. The club setting is small, yet elegant, with space only for a maximum of eight tournament-tables, where a friendly and cultivated manner of play is of great importance. In our company we happily welcome and make sure new members or guests are as comfortable as possible.

In the founding years of our ZBC, many of the members were returnees from the Far East, who did not want to give up their beloved game once living back at home. Due to this history we still today, generations later, consider our club to be international and cosmopolitan, with it’s members originating from over twenty countries belonging to various ethnic and religious groups. All of the approximately seventy members are looking forward to welcoming you at the ZBC soon!

Suzanne Speich
President ZBC

ZBC board members:
Suzanne Speich, President; Irene Wenzl, Vice President; Robert Egloff, technical Manager; Anne Peyer, Loulou Zoelly, Fernand Kaufmann

Tournament directors:
Robert Egloff, Fernand Kaufmann, Heidi Mattes, Alexander Nagelstein,
Nicole Oppenheim